Lechon (Roast Pig)

Even though I cook a lot, there's a point where I can't do anything to prepare or cook a certain recipe. Like for example this Lechon or roast pig. I'm certain that I can't do it here. 


I wish a picture can satisfy our craving for the foods we miss. But that will never happen. Still, here's a new category you will find in this blog to help you with your desire for more Filipino foods. I call it "Foods We Miss". 

Happy craving :) 


  1. A whole lechon is not a one man job but I think you can make lechon out of the head part by yourself. In my case, I won't be able to do it as I dunno how lol.

  2. ahhh, foods we miss indeed, the crunch lechon skin is calling me out loud!

  3. The favorite of most Pinoys! They said lechon "prolongs the life" of the eater and I'm sure that was meant in a very sarcastic manner. Lechon, no matter how fatty it is and full of bad cholesterol, is a favorite food to serve in every occasion.


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