Call me Len. I am a stay-at-home wife and mom who’s devoted in satisfying my husband's and my daughter's taste buds.  I actually named this site after my mother, since I owe to her my love for cooking. She cooked fabulous food that you will definitely want to ask for more. I told to myself, I want to cook like my mother.  After getting married and being away from my family for some time, I found my nanay’s recipes as string that connects us together. With love and inspiration, I ended up compiling different recipes which I will try to upload in this website as often as I could. I am not an expert on cooking but I am learning so much each and every day. 

It’s really not easy to live in other country especially when your 6813 miles away. In my case, I don’t work (tough time) so, if I don’t keep myself busy around the house I will end up fat or insane. I don’t want to be either of the two. Hopefully, my cooking will save my sanity but not make me stout.

Once in a while I will be expressing my thoughts about certain food, drinks and different products that I bought and caught my attention. I will be having few confessions as a woman, friend, wife and mother.

As much as I wanted to cook, I also love to eat out with my small family and friends. Living in Ireland gives me the chance to know and be aware of other cuisines. When I visit a particular restaurant, I never forget to take snaps of what we had and mark the taste in my head. And I want to share those with you.

I hope that you will join me in my adventure of cooking, eating and shopping. Don't forget to say grace before every bite. God bless us all. 

Meaning of Luto ni Nanay:

lut´o' adj. cooked magluto, lutuin, iluto (mag-:-in, i-) to cook. Magluto ka ng adobo. Cook adobo.

ni part. singular non-focus marker of proper nouns or names · mkr. a proper noun (name) marker, used before the actor of goal-focused sentences. Binili ni Luisa ang damit. The dress was bought by Luisa. · part. possessive marker. Iyan ang bahay ni Luisa. That is Luisa's house.

n´anay n. mother (term of address and reference) [syn. in´ay]