Pork Barbecue Marinade

Summer is here and friends are busy organizing barbeque parties here and there. Time for good laugh and good food. 

Nothing beats a good barbeque when your choice of meat is marinated ahead of time. Plus the great skill in grilling makes a big difference. 

Here's my recipe for barbeque marinade. Check it out and hope you'll like it .

Pork Barbecue
Barbecue Marinade Ingredients:

For 1 - 2 kg of pork belly, pork picnic (kasim), pork ham, or the best part is the pork neck fillet

1 cup Mama Sita's BBQ Marinade (or 1 Cup of Sprite)
6 tablespoons UFC Banana Ketchup (or 4 tbsp of Tomato Ketchup)
4 tablespoons Soy Sauce
4 teaspoons Kalamansi Juice or Lemon Juice
4 tablespoons Honey Syrup
10 cloves garlic
2 medium sized onion
1 teaspoon salt (adjust based on your taste)
1 teaspoon pepper  (adjust based on your taste)


Just mix all the ingredients and marinate the pork pieces at least 2 hours. You'll achieve more tastier barbecue if pork is marinated for over 2 hours or overnight.

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  1. This is the kind of BBQ that I like the most.

  2. I also use Mama Sita's BBQ Marinade for my pork bbq and bbq ribs. I add Sprite, pepper, and garlic then marinate overnight. Honey is a bit expensive here though so I just use sugar to sweeten the sauce.

  3. Hp easily available here but not so mama sitas. Where would i get it in Australia? Would this marinade taste good with chicken? We don't eat pork.

  4. Thanks for visiting my site.

    You can check Mama Sita in some Asian store near you that sells Filipino goods. If and so you can't find one just use Sprite or 7-up as a replacement.

    This marinade tastes good in chicken as well. Marinate the meat for more than two hours, preferably overnight for more tasty dish.


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