Baked Stuffed Flat Mushroom

Everyday the big question in our house is, "What's for breakfast?" To be honest, we're tired of having just bread or bowl of cereals in the morning. From time to time, we treat ourselves with Full Irish Breakfast; egg, sausage, bacon or rashers, black and white pudding, mushrooms, tomatoes, potatoes and baked beans with toast bread. You see, it's all too much if served every single day. But we love it. (Again, from time to time meaning once or twice a month.)

Filipino breakfast on the other is another good choice but a bit too much in the morning. If you heard of Tapsi Restaurant in the Philippines, you'll be amazed how sumptuous and filling Filipino breakfast can be. It is like eating your breakfast and lunch at the same time. But then again, these meals are also available any time of the day and night.

One of the popular combos are tosilog, tapsilog, longsilog, cornsilog and many of these in the menu. The combo is like one kind of fried meat (tocino, tapa, longganisa, cornedbeef), a cup of fried rice and a fried egg. Take note, a cup of rice may not be enough. (I can do this once a week.)

Another popular Filipino breakfast is congee (lugaw) with your choice of ulam (side dish) boiled egg, tokneneng (boiled egg covered with orange batter and then fried) or tokwa't baboy (tofu and pork). This is my favourite back home. I can cook this but not very often because husband is not a big fan. (Twice a month for this.)

For some who don't have much time to cook or run in carinderias because you snoozed your alarm clock, Pandesal with whatever palaman (filling) will do. (Sadly, it's a challenge for me to make pandesal at the moment but I'm in the process of perfecting it. If that happened, we'll be more likely to have this breakfast very often.)

As you can see, there are many options for breakfast. The list is getting longer because of so many fresh food available in this country.

Thinking of something new for breakfast and I come up with this, Baked Stuffed Flat Mushrooms Topped with Cheese and Poached Eggs.

4 Flat Mushrooms
1 clove Garlic (chopped finely)
4 Bacon
1 cup Breadcrumbs
2 tbsp Olive oil
30 g Butter
1/2 cup Cheddar Cheese (grated)
4 Eggs (Poached)
Salt and Pepper to taste
Cooking Procedures
In a pan, sauté garlic and bacon in olive oil. Add butter and breadcrumbs. Mix them very well. Season with salt and pepper depending on your liking and taste.
In washed and dried mushrooms, put the mixture and topped with cheese. Then place on a baking tray in a pre-heated oven. Bake for 10 minutes.
Once the mushrooms are cooked, remove from the oven and topped each mushroom with poached egg.
Now, it's ready to eat.

Cooking Tips:
Avoid putting too much garlic as it's taste is overpowering. If you don't like strong garlic flavour stick to 1 clove.
Normally, I don't wash mushrooms if I am going to fry them. I just clean every piece using a damp kitchen towel. I don't soak, peel or remove stalk as it absorbs water. But for flat mushrooms to bake, I wash and dry them.
For breadcrumbs, I make my own as I got to choose what type of bread to use.
This dish is not only good for breakfast but can also be served on lunch and dinner with salad on the side.

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