Favourite Summer Foods

Every single year, I'm waiting for summer like a child waiting for rain to stop in order to play outside. I have ny reasons to wait for the sun. As a wife and mom, my first reason is that I can properly dry my laundry (wink 😉). Second of all, summer is my chance to wear light clothes. I'm not an avid fan of layering. Third, sun means more time exploring nature. More fun in the sea and mountains.

The list can go on and on but one thing that excite me the most are the foods and the people to share them with. Imagine my joy when I see red sweet watermelon or husband setting up the barbeque grill. 

Here are few of my favorite foods during summer...

Halu-halo ( Filipino dessert)


Grilled Aubergine with Japanese Sauce

Ice Cream (lots of it)

Chicken Barbeque

Chocolate Fudge Served with Vanilla Ice Cream

How about you? Do you have any favorite summer foods? 

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