Oliver St. John Gogarty Bar

I've been living in Dublin for more than seven years now. With that, I'm so grateful for the privilege given to me to see the other side of the world. Being apart from home means missing a lot of traditional foods and delicacies. But being in a totally new environment means a great chance to try new foods. 

One of the famous spot to visit in Dublin is the Temple Bar Street. There you can find fabulous bars and restaurants which offers not only good food but also fun and entertainment. Just like "The Oliver ST. John Gogarty Bar and Restaurant".  

Lasagne served with fresh salad and chips

Sausage served with salad and chips

We went to the bar area to have some lunch. There's too many choices at the bar menu. I had Lasagne with salad and chips. While my husband had Sausage with salad and chips. We didn't get any starter because we already know that the serving is very big. We will never have room for main course  if we did. Both dishes were delicious. All worth the price, I believe. €11.95 each meal is normal amount in any bar around city centre. When it comes to service, I'm pretty much happy with it.

Will I go back again in The Oliver St John Gogarty Bar and Restaurant? Definitely yes, but will try different sumptuous dishes next time around.

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