Review: Yo! Sushi Restaurant

One of my favorite places to eat is a restaurant called Yo! Sushi. It's a a Japanese sushi bar that was first introduced in United Kingdom on 1997.  Now, they have more than 90 branches in UK, Ireland, UAE, Bahrain, Norway and USA.
Yo! Sushi Menu

The concept of this restaurant is to serve food to the customers through a conveyor belt. The menu is available on every table so you will have a guide of what to pick from the conveyor belt. If in case you cannot find what you want to have, just press the red button on the table and crew will be glad to take your order. 

Every food serve in Yo! Sushi are freshly prepared in all their restaurants. You can actually see them in action. There are more than 80 dishes to choose from. Each dish is placed on a colored plates so you will have an idea how much each dish cost. 

Green - € 2.25
Blue - €3.00
Purple - € 3.75
Orange - € 4.50
Pink - € 5.25
Gray - € 7.50

ALl you need to do is pick what you want, keep the plates and as you ask for you bill, the crew will count the plates and charge you based on the color of your plates.

There are days in which they have offers like Blue Mondays. With this promotion, customer will only pay €3.00 for all blue plates. The difference to ordinary days is that you can see a high-value dish on  a blue plate. For example, a Prawn Tempura on regular days will cost €5.25 but on Mondays it may appear on the conveyor belt on blue plate. That's a nice deal, right?

Yo! Sushi Conveyor Belt

There's no question about the taste of the dishes as for me they all taste delicious. They have sashimi, maki, salads, rice and noodles, katsu and tempura, and hot classics which include Gyoza and Chicken Teriyaki. I have few dishes that I usually have at YO! Sushi and one of them is the Crunchy Tofu Salad and the Aubergine Salad. All their dishes are prepared with simplicity but with generous taste. 

Crunchy Tofu Salad

I've been to Yo! Sushi for about 7 - 8 times if I remember it correctly. But I will sure be back to grab more of their delectable dishes. I highly recommend Yo! Sushi not only for the food, but also for the service and one of kind experience. 

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  1. Oh wow, that is a very unique and interesting concept. I have never been to any restaurant that serves food through a conveyor belt. Very futuristic heheh.

  2. How I miss Japanese food. I haven't had some in ages!

  3. The crunchy tofu salad is making my stomach growl hehehe.

  4. A very interesting concept in serving foods. Hoping that they open branches in the Philippines.

  5. Actually I liked the restaurant concept and it's really cool. But, every time I commented about food, my craving rose steadily and hungry..

  6. I'm not an Asian food lover but the food does look delicious! :)

    xx Daphne of

  7. My husband would love it there as he love sushi!

  8. Hmmm.. Maybe I should visit this resto during Mondays since I love blue and some of the expensive dishes can be on the blue plate and you're right, it's a great deal! :D

  9. I'll always come back to a place who shows exceptional customer service. We've been to several rotating sushi bars too and my husband always enjoy them. :)

  10. very nice, this would be something my sister in law would love to dine-in

  11. Although Im not much of a Japanese foodie, their way of serving food is interesting.

  12. My oh my! That is one good place plus the sushis looks really good!


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