Milano Restaurant: Feels like your in Italy

When it comes to Italian Restaurant, I love Milano. Everything is served in superb quality and truly magnificent taste. Hubby and I visited this restaurant twice this year already. And that's courtesy of Tesco Deals. 

Great Foods at Milano
I exchange vouchers that I earned (by using Tesco Clubcard) to restaurant deals. For example €2.50 Tesco voucher can be exchanged to €10 Milano Deals. So it's practically 4 times the voucher value. Like in our last visit at Milano, we spent €40 tokens for all foods that we order. Yes, we can use it to all foods except menu deal (value meals) and drinks. 

The value of our tokens gave us the chance to order 2-course meal for each of us. Hubby ordered Risotto d'Oro for starter. It's a creamy risotto rice in white wine with roasted butternut squash, galic oil and gorgonzolla then topped with rocket salad and grana padano. 

Risotto d'Oro at Milano Restaurant

I had Caesar Salad for starter. That's made of cos lettuce, gran padano, anchovies and Caesar dressing for starter.

Caesar Salad at Milano Restaurant

For our main-course we ordered Lasagana Classica and Cannelloni. I never got the chance to take picture of the Cannelloni because husband was so hungry. It's pity if I'll stop him having a bite just to have a picture of the food. Moving on. 

The Lasagna Classica was a very yummy dish that's composed of bolognese sauce, mushrooms, tomatoes, bechamel sauce and grana padano.  Just to give you the idea of what Cannelloni taste like it was a dish made of ricotta & spinach paste, bechamel and tomato sauce and grana padano. 

Lasagna Classica At Milano Restaurant

If you noticed most meals had grana padano. I believe this Italian cheese made all the dishes tasty and wonderful. It's a cheese that has a grainy texture and totally popular in Italy. After that great dinner with hubby. We don't need to worry how much we're going to pay because as I said we had tokens.

Our Bill:

Risotto d'Oro           6.80
Caesar Salad            6.95
Lasagna Classica      13.80
Cannelloni              13.80
Drinks  (2)                6.70

Deal Token         -   40.00

To Pay                    8.05

Not bad isn't it? By the way, they also have take away. So for evening indulgence at home, you can just call them then pick up what you ordered in minutes. 

They also have take away

Milano Restaurant is serving the Irish Community with delicious Italian foods since 1995. They are located in different well known areas such as Temple Bar, Cork, Galway, Limerick, IFSC Dublin, Dundrum and Blanchardstown.

Now, will I go back there for more of Italian dishes? Of course, especially now that I have new vouchers to exchange. 

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  1. I wish my taste bud loves different cuisine. I love the food presentation but I know that I can not eat it. I am not a vegie fan. But the lasagna I think I'm gonna like it. (husband beside me saying the food seemed to be great in taste).

  2. what a good deal and with the food experience i'm sure both of you have a great meal time as well as the fascinating ambiance.

  3. Cesar salad is Ms. Burrito's favorite. The lasagna looks really good sis.

  4. Wow! Good deal! I am also like that. I bring coupon for dining, but my husband discourages me to do so. :-(

  5. Wow, isn't it fun to be able to eat good food in a different setting and ambiance?

  6. I knownothing about this Restaurant but the foods seems okay as well as the place ambiance. There was this local resto Italian Village that we used to hangout. Parang nasa Italy rin ang feeling mo.


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