Little Bit of Gold

Movie nights at home is so much fun if nachos and cold ice drinks are set on the table. When I spotted this lovely snack tray in a shop, I totally got the idea to use it to serve my favorite snack, Doritos. The first time I tried them, I literally fell-in-love with it. 


Two flavours that I usually buy are the Cool Original and the Chilli Heatwave. Of course, the Mild Salsa is there to make it even better. These delicious corn chips are available in multiple sizes. I buy the 200g bag but serve it in two different occasions. It is too much in one sitting although it's very tempting to eat it all up. That is why it's nice to use serving tray to control the consumption.

Doritos is a famous tortilla brand not only in UK but also in other part of the world. Doritos is a spanish word which means "little bit of gold". The powerful crunch of this tortilla brand is so unique and really incomparable. 

There are other flavours you might like. Try it and share it with friends. 

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  1. The chili heatwave would be y pick, I love spicy!

  2. Whenever I am craving for a Pinoy food, I come here to your site to see anything I like. So far, I imitated 3 of your recipes. :-)

  3. i'm not into chili flavor so i'de pick the original one


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