I Don't Like Chocolates, I Love Chocolates

When I was diagnosed of having a vertigo, I became conscious of what to eat and drink. There are food groups that must be avoided: alcohol, salty food, some fruits and vegetables, fatty food and sugary food. In my case, coffee is a no-no too. I have a terrible respond to strong coffee. Not for long, I'll be dizzy and will definitely feel sick if I had a cup of brewed coffee. 

That's the reason why I fell-in-love with chocolate drinks. Even if it's sweet and should also be avoided, my body and mind seems to tolerate it. Although, when I order chocolate drinks, I always go for light. Meaning, I request for the use of skimmed milk and less sugar. Plus, I also have an extra cup of hot or cold water to dilute what I'm having. 

Since my last confinement in 2011 because of vertigo, I never had another attack. Thank God for that but still I need to be careful. 

Chocolate Cream Frappe at Starbucks

Hot Chocolate @ Mc Cafe

Hot Chocolate @ Kay's

Classic Hot Chocolate @ Starbucks


  1. There's very few kinds of chocolates that I like and one of them is merci. I do however like chocolatey drinks.

  2. i'm a huge chocolate lover i'll eat it, drink it , even smell it if i can

  3. if you love chocolates.. well me don't just love it but super duper love it and craving for it this time


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