Halo-Halo Fever

Back in the Philippines, halo-halo is one dessert that most Filipinos love. Some foreign friends of ours find it weird because it has fruits and vegetables mixed together. Some of them like it but some doesn't.

Obviously, I love this so much and I miss it very often. I also miss the fact that you just need to go to Chowking and you'll have it any season of the year. Well, we're fortunate still because we have great Filipino friends here who frequently invite us in their home to have Filipino meals. And just days ago, we had very good halo-halo that comprised of 10 or more ingredients in it.  Truly yummy.  

I can also do this at home but the preparation of each ingredients is too much for one person. Knowing that halo-halo is better if has more ingredients as possible, I think it will be hard for me to do it. Plus I don't have a good device to shave the ice. 

Halo-halo Ingredients

In the Filipino shop here, you can buy a ready-made ingredients. It has 4 or 5 ingredients in a bottle. It's okay but it's not very good. You can literally count how many pieces of beans, jackfruit or nata de coco in there. Yes, it is pretty much limited. 

For the two big glasses of halo-halo below, we used frozen milk in a carton and shaved it with knife. DIY here is very common especially when you can't find the right tool to do things. 

Easy Version of Halo-halo
Summer here is nearly over but as we always say, here's to "huling hirit sa tag-init". 

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  1. oh diba, even though you are far away from home, kahit papano parang nakauwi ka na din sa Pinas Ate Len! ♥

  2. Napapalunok ako looking at the halo halo sis. My daughter love HH, we always buy the halo halo mix in a jar pag napunta kami sa asian market.

  3. YUM!!! those are one of the filipino food I missed to eat back in the homeland..I have ready made one but I still need to look for an ice grater to make everything perfect.

  4. What a coincidence, I just ate Halo Halo today at Chowking :) Yum yum :)

  5. Every time na I and my wife got near by a Chowking outlet, nangingiti kami. Why, because we have lots of joyful moments shared while devouring a glass of Halo-halo. Pero iba talaga yung gawa sa kanto, mas maraming ingredients specially kaong.


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