Banana Fritters

I've been into many Chinese and Thai restaurants, they all have Banana Fritters on their dessert menu. I've been dying to know the recipe for this. I needed a perfect batter to give justice to simple treat. Finally, I  found a reliable one or if you happen to know one, please share it with me. 

I'll head over to local Asian store tomorrow and buy what I needed for this simple yet delicious dessert. For now, let's all drool while looking at the following photos of banana fritters. 

Banana Fritter from my favorite Chinese restaurant

Banana Fritter from my favorite Thai restaurant
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  1. Wow! Both servings look delicious to me! By the way, liked your FB page, too :)

  2. Thanks Deli for dropping by and for liking LNN Page.

  3. oh,my goodness! I'm so drooling right now!

  4. yum looks delish. miss having this kind of pinoy dessert.


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