Cooking Tips for Great Pasta

I love to cook but I haven’t got the right timing in cooking pasta the first time. Though it always turned out great, still I don’t get it in one click. Sometimes following the package instruction will not save the day. It says 8 minutes, but still it feels and tastes uncooked. If you let it boil for few more minutes, then the pasta will be overcooked. As years go by and hundred times of cooking pasta, I finally got the technique. 

Here’s a video of the quick pasta cooking demonstration of Jamie Oliver.

  1. Boil water in a large kettle or pot (kaldero).
  2. Add salt in boiling water. Adding oil is optional.
  3. Hold the pasta in one hand, twist it and drop in a kettle.
  4. Mix and cook according to package instruction.
  5. Set aside a cup of the starchy water. 

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