Ways to Cut Food Costs

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It is very common in one household to spend more than the budget. Planning is important prior to shopping.

  1. Plan meals a week at a time and limit shopping trips to once or twice a week.
  2. List down all items you need to buy in supermarkets or shops. Stick with your list and you'll be surprise to see your pocket with extra money.
  3. Never ever shop when hungry. You will surely be tempted to buy unnecessary goodies.
  4. Another thing to consider is time, shop when you don't need to rush. If possible, shop without children.
  5. Keep a constant shopping list, and add items as soon as they run low. In this case, you will save on urgent trips to shops just to buy single item.
  6. If possible, buy the exact package or size needed for your recipe. It's not nice to see your cupboard and refrigerator with leftovers or unwanted items. Always, try small portion when trying new food, in that case, if you don't like it, you will lose less.
  7. Use shop coupons and money off offers only when you buy the product.
  8. Watch out for hidden costs once you prefer to have your food delivered.
  9. Keep a record of the costs of items you usually buy. In such way, you can tell which items really are on sale. If canned good you normally use go on sale, feel free to stock up. But don't forget to check the expiration date.
  10. If unit pricing is on hand, use it to match up brands and sizes. But always bear in my mind, quality should  be considered.


  1. i may fail at #2 and #5, but when grocery shopping i tend to stick on what particular brands my family is using. i seldom try on newer products, coz that's when i thought my money has gone to waste.

  2. I have to agree with you on using coupons and taking advantage of great offers available. One of the best ways to save big!

  3. Very useful tips, I am so guilty of some of this. Most of the times, we buy things even the ones that aren't in the list.

  4. haha, shopping without children is so true, i experienced that each time with my nieces and nephews or with my friends' kids when i go shopping with their mom :) sometimes, hard to resist them :)

  5. these tips are really helpful...:) and I agree with all of them...planning is very important for savvy shoppers like me.

  6. great tips for mommies, thanks for sharing!

  7. Thanks for visiting and for your comments guys. The past few months I've been saving a lot using coupons and discount vouchers. Grocery shops here are really offering good deals to keep their customers. I'm sure that goes the same in your place.

  8. Here at home, we never fail to do each and every steps mentioned in this post, Len. We do grocery shopping every Fridays for a week's supply and everything is listed down. Everything is made easy when it's done that way- very organized.

  9. Beautiful tips thank you for sharing :) I always check their local newspaper to see what items are on sale that we need and buy and stack them :)

  10. Coupons are rare to find in our place but, my wife is so alert when it comes to 3-Day sale.

  11. thanks for these great tips...i always check supermarket brochures here to know which one is on sale. but i usually buy more than listed when i go shopping with my kids, :)or we see new product that we would love to try! :)

  12. The tips really hit me. Hahaha. I always shop when I'm hungry. No wonder I'm always out of budget the next few days.


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